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Volunteer for a Beach Clean-Up!

May 27 at Drakes July 8 at Muir Beach All Clean-ups are 10-12 noon. Contact Joanne Mohr at 415-561-6625 x307 or jmohr@farallones.org to register. More information  >>


For more information and specific training dates and requirements for each program, contact Joanne Mohr, Volunteer Program Coordinator, at jmohr@farallones.org or 415.561.6625 x307


Volunteering is a very special way of supporting the Sanctuary. Many opportunities are available through the Farallone Marine Sanctuary Association's joint volunteer programs with Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. Volunteers gain an intimate appreciation of the nature of the Sanctuary while significantly contributing to our ongoing conservation and education efforts—it's all about actively participating in making a difference! FMSA's volunteer programs depend on the energy, generosity, and dedication of individuals like you who care about our marine environment. By joining us, you help protect the Sanctuary from pollution, loss of marine wildlife, and loss of breeding habitat. Check out the programs for yourself and get involved!

Beach Watch

Beach Watch

Beach Watch is a long-term monitoring project. Every four weeks dedicated volunteers survey "their beach" for live and dead marine mammals and birds. Beach Watch volunteers come from all walks of life but share the common love and interest in protecting and contributing and continuing learning about the betterment of the marine environment.

Learn more about Beach Watch >>

SEALS Program

The SEALS Program

The SEALS (Sanctuary Education Awareness and Long-term Stewardship) program began in 1996 and has been dedicated to reducing human impact on harbor seals through interpretation and monitoring.

Volunteers have been monitoring at Bolinas Lagoon and Tomales Bay where low tides create islets in the shallow waters. These refuges are vital to the health and survival of Pacific harbor seals. Seals need to haul out on land for periods of rest. In the spring, the haul-outs provide a safe haven where harbor seals give birth and nurse their pups.

Learn more about SEALS >>

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Other Volunteer Opportunties

The Sanctuary Naturalist Corps is compiled of several volunteer opportunities, ranging from the Sanctuary Ambassador Program, to Visitor Center Guides, Sharkmobile facilitators, Snapshot Day, and Special Event volunteers lending a hand at gatherings such as the annual OceanFest in October. Join the Sanctuary Stewards and help contribute to the guardianship of the sanctuary and be an active part of a conservation community.

Learn more about Other Volunteer Opportunties >>

"Volunteering for the Sanctuary? You couldn't pay to have this much fun!"

— SEALS Volunteer

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