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Volunteering is a very special way of supporting the Sanctuary. Many opportunities are available through the Farallones Marine Sanctuary Association's joint volunteer programs with Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. Volunteers gain an intimate appreciation of the nature of the Sanctuary while significantly contributing to our ongoing conservation and education efforts—it's all about actively participating in making a difference! The Sanctuary's volunteer programs depend on the energy, generosity, and dedication of individuals like you who care about our marine environment. By joining us, you help protect the Sanctuary from pollution, loss of marine wildlife, and loss of breeding habitat. Check out the programs for yourself and get involved!

Marine Debris Program


Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary has partnered with NOAA’s Marine Debris Program and the Office of Response and Restoration in a pilot project to monitor and record marine debris. Not only is this the first project along the coast to begin documenting debris deposition along sanctuary shores, but data from our volunteer-led survey help inform local, regional, and national management efforts. 

Join one of our surveys and keep our beaches clean while contributing critical baseline information to NOAA’s national marine debris database!

When & Where: 

Ocean Beach @Sloat Blvd, San Francisco, Golden Gate National Recreation Area
    •Tuesday, June 14 at 1:30 PM
Drakes Beach parking lot, Point Reyes National Seashore

    •Thursday, June 9 at 9 AM

Plan for about 2 hours per survey, not including your travel time to and from the site. 

For more information about the program or to RSVP for one or more of the survey dates contact Kate Bimrose, GFNMS Marine Debris Program Coordinator at kbimrose@farallones.org.We hope to see you at the beach!


Beach Watch

Beach Watch is a long-term monitoring project. Every four weeks dedicateBeach Watchd volunteers survey "their beach" for live and dead marine mammals and birds. Beach Watch volunteers come from all walks of life but share the common love and interest in protecting and contributing and continuing learning about the betterment of the marine environment. Click for more information.


Kent Island Restoration

Join the restoration effort! Learn to identify invasive species, get hands-on training, and be a part of the team working to protect and restore the beautiful landscape of Bolinas Bolinas restorationLagoon!

An Island in Need: Located in picturesque Bolinas Lagoon, Kent Island supports an incredible array of wildlife and plant species. Kent Island’s natural integrity has been severely com- promised due to invasive, nonnative plants. These species weaken biodiversity and critically damage native dune and wetland habitat. Beginning this spring, volunteers will be hosted onsite to remove these nonnative plants using hand tools.

There are several ways to join:

  • Sign up for your own volunteer day with your office or school 
  • Join one of our Community Volunteer Days on the first Friday and third Saturday of the month, April-October (10am-2pm) 

All volunteer days meet at the Bolinas dock on Wharf Road just before the Rod and Boat club. For More Information and to RSVP contact Kate Bimrose at kbimrose@farallones.org.


Other Volunteer Opportunities:

The Sanctuary Naturalist Corps is compiled of several volunteer opportunities, ranging from the Sanctuary Ambassador Program, to Visitor Center Guides, Sharkmobile facilitators, and Special Event volunteers. Join the Sanctuary Stewards and help contribute to the guardianship of the sanctuary and be an active part of a conservation community. Click to learn more about other volunteer opportunities.



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